Tips on Shopping a Showroom Sale

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Make the Most of your Visit!

You’ve made your appointment. You have the details. You’re ready to save big…. Now What?  There are simple things you can do to prepare for shopping a showroom sale and making your time successful! View our “Do’s & Dont’s” below and make sure to check our Events Page for upcoming sales!

  • DO have a good idea of a style you like

You don’t have to know the exact dress you want, but you should have a general idea.  Make sure to bring pictures on your phone or magazine clippings to show your consultant.  It is recommended (although not required) that you have tried on a few gowns before the sale appointment. Why? You may love a gown in a photo but realize it isn’t perfect for your body type.

  • DO have an open mind

Having an idea of what you like is important – but being stuck on that style only isn’t the best idea.  We recommend our brides have an open mind to trying some other styles. Trust our consultants who have years of experience making brides look their best. And what’s the worst that can happen? – You hate the dress, so we take it off and try another. No big deal!

  • DON’T bring a huge entourage

Believe us – We LOVE a good #bridetribe. However – sale days are not the time for a large group.  Why?  Appointment times and space are limited in our boutique and we want to focus on YOU – the bride.  So consider bringing along 1 or 2 key people to help make a decision.

  • DO be ready to make a decision

We never rush brides or push you to make a decision.  However – dresses on sale days are first come, first served and no holds are allowed.  So – if you have made a sale appointment, get your mind ready to make a decision!  This includes having money ready (cash/charge) to pay for the dress in full, if you do find one.  If you are someone who would like to try on lots of dresses before saying yes, consider making an appointment prior to the sale so you can see your options.

  • DON’T buy a dress just because it’s a good deal

The goal of our sale events is to match brides with their dream gown at an amazing price!  It is not for you to “settle” on a gown just because it is discounted.  “Like” a gown but don’t think it’s the one?  We will make notes in your account of what you liked and schedule another time for you to return to try on from our entire selection.