#realblissbride Leah B


We could tell Leah’s story… but it’s better to hear it from her. Congrats Leah – you look stunning and we are so proud that our team could assist you!

I love a good story and I especially love the story of how I came to find my wedding dress and it greatly involves your salon so I thought I’d share.  My Nonna passed away exactly 6 months before I got engaged.  I am one of 3 girls and she wanted nothing more than to see us get married but she unfortunately passed before that happened.  She loved us and loved seeing us get dressed up and couldn’t wait for our wedding day.  She was a seamstress in the bridal salon at AM&A’s in downtown Buffalo.  She actually made my mom’s wedding dress.  I remember when I was little my mom would take my sister and I (there were only 2 of us at the time) to visit her and we would play hide and seek in the racks of wedding dresses on the alterations floor. 

Anyway, when I got engaged and started looking for wedding dresses, my mom told me that Nonna would be paying for my wedding dress and gave me my budget, which I thought was WAY too much!  I couldn’t fathom spending that much money on a dress that I would wear one time for less than 24 hours.  So, the first time I was at your salon my mom kept pulling dresses that were way over my budget but within Nonna’s budget.  We fought and put the Bridal consultant in an awkward spot (sorry) because I kept sending the over budget ones (in my opinion) away while my mom kept insisting that I try them on.  I eventually found “the one” and it fit within my budget. 

Now, that was in February and my wedding wasn’t until July 27, 2019.  I took it to a seamstress in March and didn’t hear back from her until the end of June.  LOOOONG story short and 3 seamstresses later, I called your salon on Tuesday, July 23rd at 10:30 p.m. in a panic because nobody could fix the damage that the first seamstress had done.   You graciously let me come in the next day before business hours and had 3 ladies including your seamstress take a look at it.  Since she was so busy, you gave me the name of your overflow seamstress in OP.  I took it to her, she said she could fix it and told me that it would be ready on Friday morning, the day before my wedding.  My mom was freaking out and I was so frustrated and ready for everything wedding related to be over that I was just feeling numb about the whole situation. 

After we left the overflow seamstress in OP, we got as far as the parking lot and she asked me if I would be opposed to going back to Bliss to just look for another dress.  So without calling (sorry) we just showed up again that day and asked to try on dresses that I could potentially buy off the rack.  I am so sorry I forgot your name but the nice red-head lady that does the Tuesday try-on (Jackie) was sitting on the floor steaming a dress when I came in and asked, do you have anything I can just try on and buy off the rack in case my original dress doesn’t work out?  You walked to the rack, picked up a dress, said this is brand new from our new collection and had me give it a shot.  It looked very similar to my original dress so I tried it on and it fit like a glove. 

I fell in love (again) and left the salon with a pit in my stomach knowing I had a big decision to make.  Again, I got as far as the parking lot before we came back in and purchased the dress, 4 days before my wedding.  I immediately thought of Nonna.  She wanted me to spend the money she left me for my wedding dress and even from Heaven she made sure I spent it all.  She was a stubborn little Italian lady and she always got her way! 

So, sorry for taking your dress the day it arrived in your salon and thank you for your help in assisting me in finding my dream dress…twice.