#realblissbride Dania


Congrats to our Bliss Bride Dania and her new husband on their wedding on September 3, 2021!  Dania looked beautiful in her A-Line Eddy K gown.  And what a cool venue at Commuinity Beer Works.

Dania shared TONS of details with us to share!

About the dress…  “I had a silhouette in mind that I was convinced I had to have. We showed up and the woman working with us asked me to try on a different style of dress, because she thought it might suit my body better. SHE WAS RIGHT. This dress was completely opposite from what I thought I wanted, but the second I put it on I knew I had to have it. I used their in-house seamstress to take in the top and shorten it and add a bustle… the cost was right in line for what Bliss told me to budget for them. There weren’t any surprises.”


Wedding Coordinator – Saluti Events: “Our wedding would not have happened if it wasn’t for Emily Devin at Saluti Events. She took care of EVERYTHING! I had absolutely NO vision for what I wanted the venue to look like, but I knew that I wanted to do the bare minimum personally. The less work I had to do, the better. Emily and her assistant took the reigns and ran, and the day went so smoothly. The venue was understated and lovely, I didn’t have to worry myself with delivery times or set up or ANYTHING. I will recommend her to anyone and everyone I can. She made my wedding day!”

Venue – Community Beer Works:  “They are in our neighborhood and we go there pretty often, which is how I think I was able to secure them last year. Joe and Mike and Corey took care of everything. They tore everything down at the end of the night, and all I had to do was come pick up a few Rubbermaid tubs the next day. Friends are still talking about the food. We did a Totcho Bar amongst other things and they were all a hit! And we got married on the back patio, which worked out so gorgeously. It’s one of my favorite spots in the city, and I’m glad we got to spend our Day there.”

Photographer – Sarah Thomas:  Sarah is a professional photographer based in Grove City PA. She went to the Art Institute with my sister, which is how we were connected with each other. As soon as I saw her portfolio, I knew we had to hire her! I love the way she edits light into each photo, so we look like we are glowing! Some of our sneak peak photos look like they could be in a magazine! She used her husband Jeremy as a second shooter, and they worked as a great team so nothing was missed. They both even came up in May to go our engagement shoot! Pricing was right in line with other photographers that I looked at. I’m obsessed with our photos and cannot wait to see the rest!