Frequently Asked Questions

Find your dream gown at Bliss Bridal in Buffalo!

Located in the Buffalo area, our bridal salon has a wide selection of beautiful designer wedding gowns for you to find your dream dress. We realize brides have many questions when searching for the perfect gown, and have collected and answered some of them here to help you understand the process.

Why do you require an appointment?

By scheduling appointments, we are able to provide an unparalleled shopping experience for every bride. When an appointment time is reserved, a bride is assigned an experienced bridal consultant who will adequately provide her with the attention she deserves. Scheduling an appointment will ensure that you are given the service desired when shopping for your gown and that you can try on the moment you enter the boutique.

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How long is my appointment?

We typically schedule 1 1/2 hour for bridal consultations but at Bliss, we want to make sure the bride has a wonderful experience. Please let us know your needs when you make your appointment and we will make every effort to accommodate you. However, it is important to be on time to make the most of your appointment.

What should I do to prepare for my bridal appointment?

Browse through that stack of bridal magazines you have acquired and mark gowns that catch your eye to bring them to your appointment. Also, you can create your “Wedding” Pinterest board and start pinning gowns you see online. By sharing this info with your bridal consultant, she will instantly see where you gravitate and will likely have recommendations that you may love as well.

Who do I invite to the appointment?

We recommend bringing an intimate group of no more than four guests. Our bridal suites hold 4 people comfortably but we can accommodate more if you let us know beforehand. Extend an invitation to only your most valued friends and family, whose opinions are crucial to your decision. If someone close to you doesn’t fall in that category include her in other ways, like when selecting accessories or during a gown fitting.

Are walk-ins accepted?

Please don’t hesitate to come in and ask to look around. If we are not in the middle of a scheduled appointment with a bride, we would absolutely love to help you try on the gown of your dreams! If we are busy with an appointment at that time, you can check to see is we can fit you in later in the day.

Why do bridal stores ask about budget?

At Bliss Bridal, we want to save you the frustration of selecting a gown that is outside of your advised budget. You are more than welcome to try on any gown in our shop, but we want to let you know when you are choosing gowns that are outside of the budget you set for yourself. When you allow your bridal consultant to know your budget, you give them the ability to show you gowns that match your vision in both style and budget.

What price range do you carry?

We have many styles from different designers to choose from and we will be mindful of your budget. Our gowns range in price from $900.00 to $12,000.00. Additionally, for those brides who have a modest budget or just love a great deal, we have a selection of beautiful “off the rack” gowns that would fit any budget.

Do you have all the gowns featured on a designer’s website? If I am interested in a dress you do not carry, can your order it for me?

We don’t carry every dress by every designer in our store, so please call to check if the gown you love is available in our store to try on. We try to choose the best variety of gowns from all of our designers to provide you with the best possible selection. If you have your heart set on a gown from a designer we carry, we would be happy to place special order for you. If you have a question about a particular gown, please feel free to call or email us and we’ll happily help you out!

Purchasing My Gown

When should I purchase my gown?

Bridal gowns can take 4-6 months to arrive. In addition to the time of your gown to arrive, you should allow an additional 1-2 months for bridal alterations. It is recommended to place your order at least 6-8 months prior to your wedding. However, we can sell any of our in stock gowns to meet your needs.

What if I don’t have enough time to order something?

Do not worry! If you don’t have time to order a gown or accessories, we can help you find something off-the-rack that will be perfect. In some cases and from some designers, we may be able to “rush” order a gown, which may incur an additional fee that allows the designer to make your gown quicker than their normal delivery.

What does the purchasing process involve?

Once you have decided on “The Gown”, we will take your measurements and discuss any changes that need to be made such as raising the neckline or adding extra length, etc. You may want to add straps to a gown or buttons down the back. All of these things will be decided at this time. To order your gown, a 60% deposit is required with the remainder of the balance due once your gown arrives at Bliss Bridal. We do recommend ordering your gown 6-8 months prior to your wedding day. Please keep in mind that if you are already short of that time frame, rushes can most always be accommodated.

How do I pay for my dress?

We accept cash and credit cards and checks. We require a 60% non-refundable deposit upon the signing of your bridal contract, with the remaining 40% due upon the pickup of your dress. Additional fees, shipping fees, and taxes will be applied at the final checkout process if applicable. Dresses sold “off the rack” (samples) and all accessories must be paid for in full before the product leaves the store.

Do you offer refunds or cancellations?

All sales are final. We can not accept returns and/or refunds for any reason; this includes the 60% deposit if a bride decides not to pursue the dress, wedding, and/or dissolve the contract.

What happens after the gown arrives?

When your gown arrives at Bliss Bridal, you will be contacted about picking up your dress. For any alterations needed, you have the option of choosing which seamstress you would like to work with. We offer seamstress appointments at Bliss Bridal as a convenience for our brides. With many years of experience in custom design and tailoring, the seamstress will shape your gown to your body’s specific silhouette. All brides are built differently and will need their gown shaped to the contour of their body. This is why the alterations are the most important step to making the gown “uniquely” yours. It is important to remember to bring your shoes to your fittings to ensure the gown is altered properly. Please note that alterations are a separate charge and will be billed after alterations are complete. Bliss is not involved in any way with the alterations – this is a private agreement between you and the seamstress. Depending on the gown and customization, the number of fittings with the seamstress will vary.

Off the Rack & Sample Sale

What is an “Off the Rack” or sample sale?

Love a good bargain? Have a short timeline? Concerned about budget?

All gowns are sold off-the-rack and are “as is”. These gowns are showroom samples and discontinued gowns from various designers that are ready to find a bride of their very own. Off the Rack gowns vary in sizes and are deeply discounted. Contact us with questions about any of these gorgeous styles that are available – the selection and number of gowns available changes frequently. Off the Rack gowns are purchased and paid in full.

Take advantage of our beautiful collection of Sample and Off the Rack sale gowns! At Bliss Bridal, the bride will still have the ultimate shopping experience regardless of budget.

All sample and off the rack gowns are final sale.

Trunk Shows

Why Attend A Trunk Show?

A trunk show is an event where a bridal gown designer will send a large number of sample gowns to a bridal salon for a short time, typically one weekend. These gowns are available to be tried on and ordered. At the end of the trunk show these gowns will be packed up and sent to their next temporary home to be unpacked and enjoyed…

A Trunk Show is an event!

A trunk show is meant to be fun and special. It can be a day filled with excitement. Attending a trunk show to shop for a bridal gown adds a fun to the experience – we suggest you give it a try!

What are the benefits of attending a Bliss Bridal trunk show?

Perks! Typically at a trunk show, the gowns being featured for that weekend are discounted as part of the event. Sometimes a bride can save on an amazing gown, so it’s beneficial to seek out a trunk show featuring your favorite designer.

Extra Selection. Take advantage of all the extra gowns that are available to you. On a typical day, a store may carry five to ten gowns from a designer’s newest collection. At a trunk show, the newest and latest collection is available for viewing. It never hurts to have options, especially if the trunk show is featuring a designer whose style suits your own.

Unique Selection. If you seek something truly unique, trunk shows are a great way to see options that differ from the classic necklines and silhouettes. You’ll have the chance to see a designer’s showpieces that are often more opulent or fashion forward — details like elaborate skirts, unique necklines, and show-stopping beading. These details can sometimes be seen in a store’s regular inventory, but are far more abundant in trunk show gowns.

Little Extras. You never know what little extras might show up at a trunk show that makes the event all the more worthwhile. Bridal Designers may send extra show-stopping accessories from the runway to top off your look. Or you may get an extra little incentive with your purchase. Sometimes the designer will send a representative from their design team to help you put your look together.

Bliss Bridal will offer several trunk shows per year.

We invite you to join us at our next trunk show!

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